Service Fees

Tune & Smooth ($15 and up) $15
Stub $30
Italic $30
Cursive Italic $30
Cursive Smooth Italic (CSI) $30
Rounded Nose Italic (RNI) $30
Oblique (Left or Right) $35
Grind & Size Reduction +$5
Grind Down In Size (Down to EF, Otherwise See Form) $35
Grind to XXF or finer (Turk/Needlepoint, See Form) $45
Grind to XXF (Formal Italic, CI, CSI) $45
Arabic/Hebrew/Architect $45
Blade Shape $45
Hybrid (Architect/Blade) $45
Reversible Grind $45
Bent Nib Repair (See Form) $30
Express/Rush Service (See Form) $30
I really appreciate you making my pen amazing again! I am not kidding when I say it feels way better than it did even when it was when I first got it! I thought it was smooth then, I have no idea what sort of voodoo magic you worked on it, but it is impressive! :D
— James
To be concise, Iā€™m ecstatic. You exceeded my expectations. My Delta is now my standard to which all my other pens will be compared.
— Steven W

The above pricing is "introductory" and subject to change.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions:

Current turn-around-time: Around 6 weeks (see Express option above for faster turnaround time)

Prices do not include cost of return shipping.
Typical shipping fees via USPS Priority Mail:
$8 US / $25 Canada / $35 International
FedEx is available as well and recommended for higher value shipments.
Additional Fee for Insurance
We also recommend "Signature Confirmation" for higher value items.

Various payment methods available. Payment due upon completion of work.

Disclaimer: I'm human. I will do my best to process your nib to your specification. However, fountain pens and the way they feel when "you" write with them is a very personal thing. If I don't meet your expectations please let me know and provide me the opportunity to make it right/write.

If you can't see or have an issue with the form below, please try this link (if you still have an issue it might be your company firewall): Nib Processing Order Form

You can go ahead and send in your pens/nibs once you've submitted the form. No further action is required. There is no need to "print" this form. Simply click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.