Hi Mark I just tested the nibs because I have been so busy lately so long time since you shipped them. I just wanted to tell you that WOW... WOW twice an n times WOW ... wonderful they just write as I dreamed (no just as I expected)... excellent job, Please let me know when I can write a review because your work is really outstanding!
— Pablo
For the life of me I still can’t figure out why your needlepoint nibs aren’t scratchy but they are just really nice and I had never tried one I liked until yours.
— Daphne
Mark provides the best customer service that I have EVER encountered in the pen world. He goes above and beyond to make sure that his customers are completely satisfied. He is fair, easy to contact, and very pleasant to work with. He has created a number of stub/italic nibs for me that are wonderful.. I recommend Mark whole heartedly!!
— Rich
I just want to say thank you because I like the grind so much, in particular the smoothness and the line variation. Now I have filled the pen with Aurora Blue Black and I am enjoying it so much!
— Victor
I really appreciate you making my pen amazing again! I am not kidding when I say it feels way better than it did even when it was when I first got it! I thought it was smooth then, I have no idea what sort of voodoo magic you worked on it, but it is impressive! :D
— James
Hi Mark,

My nibs made it back to me today. I was so excited to get them I took off work early just to be home when they arrived. I inked them up, started writing a bit, and decided to immediately stop and send you a note of thanks. To say I’m pleased would surely be an understatement. I am so thrilled I want to buy more pens now just to send them to you for a little more of that magic you worked on these two. I still can’t believe how quickly you returned these back to me. And they write so phenomenally now, everything else I own seems drab by comparison. I’ll definitely be sending more pens your way. I doubt I’ll even ink them first when I get them. Thank you again.
— Austin
Hi, Mark—

I am writing to thank you for your excellent work on the TWSBI Vac 700. As you probably know, I mostly valued that pen for sentimental reasons—because a pen pal had given it to me. But the new CSI grind is terrific! I greedily hoped for both line variation and smoothness, and this grind delivers both. I’ve been especially impressed by the smoothness—you were wise to adjust the flow a tad wetter for my light hand. Now it works well on all of the papers I have tried. Thank you!

Of course, it is partly your fault that I recently purchased a Platinum President with a broad 18K nib. After getting the TWSBI, I have been eager to see what you could do with a higher quality nib—and that thought pushed me to buy the Platinum. Pretty soon after the new pen gets to me, I hope to send it to you for more of your great work.

Thank you again!
— Randy
Mark, got the nibs today.... AMAZING! I will be sending you a few more pens in the future!!! I’m obsessed with cursive italic! Till next time...
— Janet

Just received the pilot & eco and did a happy dance.

This is what I have been looking for my entire fountain pen life!! the xxfine at .2+

PLEASE write down somewhere (if you have a customer file) that I LOVE this grind. It is what I have wanted since forever and everyone told me that I wouldn’t see the line definition if i got below a .5. Ridiculous, I say.

The nibs are smooth and totally wonderful!

Thank you so much again.

I am in italic heaven!!

My sister will LOVE hers, too!!

I’ll spread the word at the group!

With Joy,
— Debbie
Hi Mark,

Both my sister and I received our pens today; tore into the package at record speed; and dipped our pens in ink (we are going to fully load them later on when we decide what colors we actually want).

We TOTALLY LOVE both pens.

The grinds are phenomenal and I love how they feel/write. I’m pretty sure that both are the ‘Very fine-est’ that I have in my pen collection. Very fine is where life is good for me. haha The finer the nib, the happier I am.

Thank you so much again and I will order again soon.

We are very very happy with our purchase and your wonderful art of nib grinding.

I will pass the word along at the fountain pen network group on Facebook!

With Joy,
— Debbie
Got the Carene! It’s magical!

Thank you so much! This one writes perfectly and smooth!

You’re awesome!
— Michelle
Hi Mark,

The pen came in last night and I love it. The pens seems to flow much less and is very fine.

The only problem now is that this pen write so smooth that now my other pens feel too rough. So may be sending some more your way costing me more $$$.

Thanks again.
— Bill M
Dear Mark,

I am very pleased with the grind and currently using it as my daily driver.
— Cornell
Hi Mark,

Got pen on Saturday, that was super quick. Thank you so much, I love it!!! I inked it with emerald of chivor and it writes beautifully. I’ve already used to write a birthday note.
— Jessie
...it has a custom ground CI nib by @mbacas that writes like a dream
— Jason
Dear Mark!

I LOVE the pen you did for me! It has become my favorite EDC and I find I reach for it every time I am looking to jot something down. I was texting with him (Craig) tonight and he loves the two pens you made for him too. I love the way my Pilot writes every time. I put Noodlers “Heart of Darkness” black ink in it and it writes awesome! Thank you so much for crafting the nib!
— George
The ECO arrived Friday. Thanks for the prompt service. It’s the only pen I’ve used since it got here. The architect is very forgiving. It’s wonderful. You will be seeing more pens from me for this grind!
Thanks again for the awesome service and work!
— Michael W
I received the two Pelikan M4XX nibs that you reground into stubs for me today. I want to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the results!

They both write beautifully. I put the nibs back into my deserving Pelikan pens and inked them both with some inks that shade well. And I want to tell you, I am getting tons of line variation and shading with these nibs. I am getting more line variation with these nibs than with any of my other stubs, and I have a lot of stubs. But they are still easy to write with; they’re not italics. I like easy. And the shading inks are shading all over the place! Shading inks and stubs go together like peas and carrots. Like chicken and rice. Like…well, you get the idea. Bottom line: I am super happy with my “new” nibs. I will definitely be seeking out your nib-grinding services again, and soon.

Also, you were super nice to deal with and responsive to my particular needs based on the high angle at which I hold my pens. I am able to write with these nibs without feeling like I have to change the way I write, which would be very difficult. It’s wonderful to have nibs that have been ground for my writing style. However, if I loaned one of my pens to someone else (which I never do, but let’s pretend), I’m sure they’d also be able to write with it without being able to tell that the nibs were ground any differently than any other stub. Except that they were ground by an exceptionally-talented Nib grinder! I have had some of my other Pelikan nibs reground to stubs by other nibmeisters, and while they did good work, it just didn’t suit my style of writing. And I just didn’t enjoy those stubs as much as the ones you did for me.

Thanks for your awesome work on my nibs. I will be enjoying them for a long time to come.
— Debi
I just had to write you again

We REALLY love these nibs!!!!!!!! REALLY!! And my sister and I are very very picky!!

Maybe you can post on your site what other pens you have or will keep in stock. Or what inventory you might have in the future. I think you said you can get pilot mets and eco’s and twsbi 580’s.

I can probably get another one or 2 eco’s.

I don’t need another one quite yet. But I have a feeling that I am going to ‘need’ another xf cursive italic.

I am just so pleased at how this nib writes!! It is pure perfection!!

And thank you so much again for outstanding work.

With Joy,
— Debbie
I was away this weekend and although the pen was delivered on Saturday, I was unable to try it out until very late last night. To be concise, I’m ecstatic. You exceeded my expectations. My goal was to have a pen that wrote as well as my FC “needlepoint” nib ground by the master Masuyama. My Delta is now my standard to which all my other pens will be compared.

I hope and expect to be a regular customer of yours and thank you again for a very pleasant experience with a masterful outcome.
— Steven W
I got my pens today. They write great! Thanks again, and in the near future I will be sending you more. Again, thanks for the great work.
— Anthony
Hey Mark!
Got the Nemosine, it’s great; I’ve used an architect nib once before, but this is much better. Nice work!
— Daniel C
Your work is impressive. I’ve had work done by Dan Smith, Masuyama, Shawn Newton, Pendleton Brown, Linda Kennedy and Richard Binder and I’d put your nibs up against any of them any day. Well done, sir!
— Matthew M
I received today the purple Pilot Metropolitan. And I am impressed by the CI nib! It has excellent line variation!
— Panos
Hi Mark. Received the TWSBI promptly. The pen is very nice, but your nib work makes it terrific!
I will enjoy using it.
— Joel E
So I saw a post from @mbacas (Instagram) offering pens with custom ground italic nibs for sale, and had to try one. He offered to tweak the nib to be wetter/dryer and crisper/smoother. So I went with a wetter, smoother italic and it is WONDERFUL.
— Faustine
Hey Mark!
Got the Nemosine, it’s great; I’ve used an architect nib once before, but this is much better. Nice work!
— Daniel C
Matthew Morse (http://www.nibandink.com) - Architect Nib Example Writing

Matthew Morse (http://www.nibandink.com) - Architect Nib Example Writing